Archiving and publication of essays or thesis

When your thesis has been approved, you must archive it. You can choose to publish your student paper, thesis or degree project, this will significantly increase the dissemination and visibility of your paper

All archiving of thesis/student paper at the Department of Theology is done digitally in DiVA. This means that you, as a student, must register and upload your thesis/student paper in the Uppsala University's system for electronic publishing and for registering publications – DiVA (Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet).


To archive and possibly publish, follow the instructions at the Uppsala University Library. Choose: "Quick reference guides for student papers". The thesis/student paper must be uploaded in pdf format.

Found where?

If you decide to publishing your student paper in DiVA it will mean that it can also be found in Uppsök (only in Swedish), and finding tools such as Google. 

Then what?

When you have decided to archive and possible publish the thesis/essay/student paper in DiVA your examiner must enter DiVA and certify the uploaded version of your approved thesis. This is why it might take a while before you can find it in DiVA.

If you entered your e-mail address you will get a confirmation when your paper is registered as well as another confirmation when the paper is published and the process completed.

If you have any questions in connection with the publication, please contact the University Libarary.

Last modified: 2024-02-07