Scholarships for students at the Department of Theology

As a student at the University of Uppsala, you have the opportunity to apply for a large number of available scholarships. There are around 80 scholarships aimed specifically for students (current or previously) at Teologen.

Most scholarships are open to apply at the beginning of semesters, but there are some that are announced at a later date. These scholarships are often aimed at a specific groups of applicants.

Qualifications and selection

You must be a full-time student to be eligible to apply.

The so-called scholarship ceiling stipulates that a student cannot be awarded several smaller scholarships for a totally sum that exceeds the so-called scholarship ceiling, currently 40 050 SEK per year. If you receive a larger scholarship than the one that you already have, you have to refrain the scholarship with the smallest sum.

If eligibility for certain scholarships must be verified the attested documents must be attached with the application. The university's scholarship guide provides information on the current regulations for the various scholarships.

Brief descriptions of the requirements for each scholarship can be found under the separate annoncements.

Last modified: 2022-06-21