Schedules Spring 2021 – Courses and Programmes in English

Here you can find schedules for corses and programmes in Enlglish. 


5RT169 and 5RT170 Religion in Late Modern Society: Welfare and Media (7.5 credits)

5RT248 Discourse Analysis (7.5 credits)

5RT506 Natural Science and Religion (7.5 credits)

5RT807 Courage that Changes the World (7.5 credits)



Combined schedule for Euroculture Semester 2: 5RT908 Research seminar,  5RT992 Eurocompetence II and 5RT996 Intensive Programme and Methodology Seminar.

Combined schedule for Euroculture Semester 4: 5RT993 Eurocompetence III and 5RT999 Master's Thesis (Thesis Workshops).

Humanitarian Action and Conflict (HAC)

Combined schedule for HAC Semester 2: 5RT980 Conflict and Peacebuilding (15 credits) and 5RT989 Thesis (15 credits)

International Humanitarian Action (NOHA)

Combined schedule for NOHA Semester 2: 5RT978 Advanced Management (5 credits), 5RT980 Conflict and Peacebuilding (15 credits), 5RT984 Methodology (5 credits) and 5RT987 Religion and Humanitarian Action (5 credits).

Last modified: 2021-03-22