Schedules Autumn 2021 – Courses and Programmes in English

Here you can find schedules for corses and programmes in English. 


5RG104 How the Corona Crisis Changed Us

5RT428 Discourse Analysis



5RT909 Research Track

5RT991 Eurocompetence I    

5RT994 Historical and Religious Perspectives   
5RT997 Internship               

5RT998 Legal and political perspectives

Humanitarian Action and Conflict (HAC) and International Humanitarian Action (NOHA)

5RT925 The Intensive Programme (Only NOHA)

5RT979 Career Development Training (Only NOHA)

5RT981 Introduction to Humanitarian Action  (Only HAC)                      

5RT982 Legal Dimensions of Humanitarian Action               

5RT983 Management

5RT985 Placement (Only NOHA)

5RT986 Public Health in Humanitarian Action                       

5RT988 World politics and Humanitarian Action                  

5RT957 Anthropology and Intercultural Aspects of Humanitarian Action

Religion in Peace and Conflict

5RA702 Religiously and Ethically Motivated Movements for Peace and Justice (campus week)

5RT256 Moral Leadership and Project Evaluations

5RA701 Researching Religion: Theories and Applications in Empirical Studies of Religion

5RA703 Applied Method in the Study of Peace and Justice Movements

5RT930 Religion in Peace and Conflict, Degree Project

5RT938 Religion in Peace and Conflict, Essay

5RT941 Field Study                 

5RT970 Current Debates in Religion and Society  (campus week)       

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