Schedules Spring 2021 – Courses and Programmes in English

Free-standing courses


5RT169 and 5RT170 Religion in Late Modern Society: Welfare and Media (7.5 credits)

5RT248 Discourse Analysis (7.5 credits)

5RT506 Natural Science and Religion (7.5 credits)

5RT807 Courage that Changes the World (7.5 credits)

Master’s programmes


Combined schedule for Euroculture Semester 2: 5RT908 Research seminar,  5RT992 Eurocompetence II and 5RT996 Intensive Programme and Methodology Seminar.

Combined schedule for Euroculture Semester 4: 5RT993 Eurocompetence III and 5RT999 Master's Thesis (Thesis Workshops).

Humanitarian Action and Conflict (HAC)

Combined schedule for HAC Semester 2: 5RT980 Conflict and Peacebuilding (15 credits) and 5RT989 Thesis (15 credits)

International Humanitarian Action (NOHA)

Combined schedule for NOHA Semester 2: 5RT978 Advanced Management (5 credits), 5RT980 Conflict and Peacebuilding (15 credits), 5RT984 Methodology (5 credits) and 5RT987 Religion and Humanitarian Action (5 credits).