Re-registration for a course means that you enroll again for a course that you have been registered for during a previous term, but have not completed. If you wish to re-register for a course, you must apply for re-registration before the course starts by filling out the form below. In order for you to be re-registred, the course have to be offered the term in question.

The department will process your application after the regular registration period for the course has passed and any reserve acceptance has been completed. Please note that there is no guarantee that you will be re-registred. All re-registrations are subject to availability.

Application for re-registration must be made at the latest at the start of the course.

For thesis courses, a student is assigned a predetermined number of hours for supervision. Newly admitted students have priority for supervision and re-registration is granted if supervision resources allow. Priority is then given to students who have never been re-registred before. A student is not granted re-registration if the assigned hours for supervision have been used up.

Link to the re-registration form (currently only in Swedish)

Last modified: 2024-02-07