You apply to the courses at Antagning.se/University Admissions. The application period is usually in the middle of March to the middle of April as well as in the middle of September to the middle of October. 

The Department of Theology is not involved in the admission process. For questions regarding admissions contact the admissions office at Uppsala University: antagning@uadm.uu.se


It is important that you follow the instructions of your application letter and register on the course or programme that you have been admitted to. If not, there is a risk that you will lose your place. The registration period can vary between courses. It is your responsibility as a student to check the registration period for your course. You can find information regarding registration at Ladok

If you are not able to register yourself, it is important that you as soon as possible contact the student administration student@teol.uu.se.


If you are admitted with conditions, you can not register yourself online. To be registered you must contact us at student@teol.uu.se. If we confirm that you meet the conditions, we will register you. 

If a bachelor's degree is needed to be admitted, you must have already applied for your diploma. If you do not recieve your diploma before the start of the course, you can send us a confirmation that you have applied for your degree and that you meet the requirements. 


We usually know if we can admit reserves the week before the course/programme starts. This is due to the fact that the admitted students have until the week before to register in order to take their place. If we are able to admitt you, we will send you an email. Nota bene! Do not forget to check your spam folder in case you have received an email from the administration.


Regardless of whether you study a programme or a freestanding course you have to always apply for the next semesters courses via antagning.se/universityadmissions.se. Regular applications periods are between mid-March to mid-April for the Autumn semester and mid-September to mid-October for the Spring semester. 


If you study a programme, you will not be able to find your courses at antagning.se/universityadmissions.se if you are not logged in with your student account. Keep in mind that not all courses are available every semester. 


The application for late admissions opens when the regular admissions process is over, in July and December. When you have applied for a late admission your case is at the admissions office at Uppsala University. We at the department receive the news of newly admitted students at the same time as the students. We do not have any more information beforehand. If you have questions regarding late application contact the admissions office at antagning@uu.se

If you are admitted after the web registration has closed, contact the administration to register. Late applications are ranked according to dates, which makes it first come first served. Nota bene! Do not forget to check your spam folder in case you have received an email from the administration.


If you have changed you mind and no longer want to take the course or programme you have registered, you can discontinue your participation (de-register) on the course or programme. Your place can then go to someone else.  

If you de-register within three weeks from the course started, you can apply for the course again at antagning.se/universityadmission.se.


If you have dropped a course later than three weeks from when it started it is considered a late break and you cannot apply for the course again at antagning.se/universityadmissions.se. You need to apply for re-registration when the semester is approaching, you do so at the Department of Theology’s webpage regarding re-registration. Re-registration is subject to availability. Therefore we will not be able to notify you regarding the status of your re-registration application until newly admitted students and reserves are registered. 


If you are a programme student and are temporarily prevented to continue your studies, you can apply for a leave from the programme, read more at the student webpage regarding academic leave of abscence. You can not apply for a leave of abscence for freestanding courses. 


In the syllabus you can find information such as the course content, learning outcomes, instructions, assessments as well as the course literature. You can search for the syllabus here:

Link to webpage regarding freestanding courses

Link to webpage regarding courses within a programme

All the course literature is available at book stores and online stores and available to borrow at Uppsala University libraries such as the Karin Boye library as well as Carolina Rediviva. In some cases you can find your literature at the nation’s library. The compendiums that are a part of the course literature are uploaded on Studium. It is very important that you find the literature before the course starts due to the high demand of books in classes with many students. 

If you have other questions regarding the course structure, contact the main teacher on the course. You can find who that is in Studium. If you can not find your course in Studium it is probably not published yet. Wait a bit further or contact student@teol.uu.se


When you are registered on a course you will find the schedule in Studium. This is connected to TimeEdit where you can see the latest schedule. Please note that the schedule is preliminary until a week before the start of the course and is subject to change until then. Schedule changes are shown with a red dot.

You can also find the schedule for all the courses at the department at the Department of Theology’s webpage about schedules.  


Instructions on how to activate your student account can be found on your admission letter. With your student account you can then log on to Studium and also use the wireless network at the campus areas, access e-books and e-journals, access databases and other resources through the university library.

You can activate your student account at the webpage regarding student accounts. If you have questions regarding your student account contact Servicedesk at +4618-471 44 00 or itsupport@uu.se


Information regarding how to active your campus card to access the campus areas is found at the webpage about campus cards. You can also contact itsupport@uu.se for help.

If you do not recieve a campus card before your first class, you can go to the main entrance to Engelska parken (the big glass entrance) and call the Servicecenter at +4618 - 471 68 82, they will let you in.

Your library card is activated when you have activated your campus card. If you have questions regarding library loans please contact fraga.biblioteket@ub.uu.se or call +4618-471 39 00.


All the written communication between teachers, administrators and students is on the learning platform Studium. This is where you upload or download information connected to the course. You find your schedule, the syllabus, literature, course evaluations and presentations from the lectures. You will also find messages about the course, for example schedule changes or when your examination has been graded.

If you have questions regarding Studium contact itsupport@uu.se


When all of your credits have been registered in Ladok you can apply for your degree. If you have questions regarding this we encourage you to contact the Graduation Office at examen@uadm.uu.se. You can find more information regarding this at the graduation office webpage regarding degrees.


You can obtain a certificate of registration and an official transcript of records yourself in Ladok. You can reach Ladok via Studium or directly at Ladok's website. To log on to Ladok, you need to have an active student account. If you no longer have an active student account, you can instead order a certificate via this web form for official certicate of studies.


The decision regarding a support for a disability is given at another part of the university, you can find all the information at the student page regarding studying with a disability. Contact them and await their decision. If your request is approved, contact our study counsellor (studievagledningen@teol.uu.se).


MAP You can find the lecture halls via Mazemap.

KARIN BOYE LIBRARY is in house 9 at Campus Engelska parken.

RESTAURANT MATIKUM is in house 7 at Campus Engelska parken.

THE STUDENT KITCHENETTE is in room Eng/1-0060 at the Department of Theology.

LOCKERS are found on floor 0 and floor 1 at the Department of Theology and are available to rent via the Servicecenter at Campus Engelska parken. You will need to show your ID and give a deposit. 

RESTING ROOM is available to book via the Servicecenter at Campus Engelska parken.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions regarding your studies you are welcome to contact us at student@teol.uu.se.

Last modified: 2022-07-05