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The alumni association is open to all former and current students of the master's degree program in Religion in Peace and Conflict. The association aims to promote contact between students and to forge links between current and former students.  It also provides a means for alumni to maintain contact with the programme and other alumni.

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The Master Programme in Religion in Peace and Conflict alumni association started in February 2018.


The aim is to send out two newsletter every year. Signed up students will receive one.

Newsletter 1 (May 2018)

Newsletter 2 (Nov 2018)

Newsletter 3 (2019)

Newsletter 4 (2019)

Newsletter 5 (2020)

Newsletter 6 (2020)

Newsletter 7 (2021)

Newsletter 8 (2021)

Newsletter 9 (2022)

Newsletter 10 (2022)

Newsletter 11 (2023)

An article about a previous student thesis (in Swedish): Front page and article

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