Psychology of religion as a research field

The field of psychology of religion and its research and academic programs at Uppsala University are located within the Faculty of Theology. Within the faculty, psychology of religion and sociology of religion are situated within the department of Religion and the Social Sciences. The Uppsala program is designed to fulfill criteria for research in psychology of religion as it is expressed both in Europe and North America, as a research area in religious studies or as a sub-discipline of psychology. Research is oriented towards the production of theory, original empirical research, and applied research.

Location of this research program within the university context provides indispensable interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research opportunities both within other faculties and departments of the university as well as in conjunction with national and international university and research institutions. Location within the theological faculty provides another type of research opportunity, especially in the area of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in religious studies and pastoral applications.

The primary objective of research in the field of psychology of religion is to explore the nature and function of religious experience through an investigation of psychological processes at an individual level, set within the context of group and societal frameworks. In keeping with international research developments in this field, as well as for addressing the needs of the field within the Scandinavian context, psychology of religion here takes a broad approach to the subject that also includes research on spirituality and meaning-making systems. The theoretical and methodological standards employed in the research program are those internationally drafted for research in the field. Cultural and gender analyses are required components in every research project included in the program. Within psychology of religion the current research profile at Uppsala University has been designed within the context of a university research network in the field within the European Union, with special emphasis on the Scandinavian context and to developments in North America.  Over the past decade 2008-2018 many of the research projects in psychology of religion in both areas below have been linked to the Well-being and Health research area of the IMPACT research program at Uppsala University.  

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