Application and admission

PhD student positions at the faculty are advertised once a year. Announcements are posted at the University’s job portal. The criteria for entry to the program are to fulfill the general as well as the specific requirements. 

Applications can be made for studies in following disciplines: Biblical Exegesis, Empirical-practical studies of religion and theology, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Church History and Mission History, History of Religions and World Christianity and Systematic Theology. 

Eligibility requirements

Eligibility for postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Theology requires that the applicant fulfill both basic qualification requirements and particular requirements.

To be admitted to doctoral studies, you need to have completed courses for at least 240 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 credits must be for Master’s level studies. For information about basic and particular requirements, please see the respective general syllabus for each subject’s PhD programme.

Selections of applicants

The applicant must have the capacity required to assimilate the doctoral studies. In assessing whether the applicant has this ability, particular importance is attached to the project plan submitted, Master’s Thesis, and study results from studies within the applied discipline or judged to be relevant to an education at Research level within the applied discipline.

The criteria applied are the following: 

analytical ability, stringency of method, awareness of method, ability for critical thought, good knowledge of literature and primary material relevant to the subject of the thesis, independence and originality, breadth, previous knowledge relevant to the thesis discipline, ability to communicate in written text, and the project's relevance for the applied discipline’s specializations and research programmes.

Submitting the application

You apply online through the University’s online job portal.

The web applications must include:

  • official transcripts of academic results from university studies, including any graduate studies which prove that the candidate meets both general and particular qualification requirements for studies at research level at the Faculty of Theology. In relevant cases a copy of the candidate’s degree certificate should also be included,
  • ​a project description of 6 pages (if needed one more page for references can be added)with the following headings (not necessarily in this order): aim, questions, method, theoretical framework, the relation of the study to earlier research and material for the future thesis,
  • completed application form for Application for admission to third-cycle (postgraduate) studies,
  • ​suggestion for financial plan for studies at research level – see Financial plan
  • Master’s Thesis
  • ​Note about who you have approached and asked to become your supervisor.
  • Applications without any of the above mentioned documents and completed application form will not be considered. 
  • ​An assessment of the feasibility of project considering possible risks with the suggested material, and for high risk project suggestions of alternative material.

Application form

Financial plan

Decisions on admissions

Applications to postgraduate studies are prepared by the faculty board’s working group for issues connected to studies at research level.

Admissions decisions will be made by the faculty board in the beginning of June the actual year. Notifications are sent by post to all applicants.

Contact: Kim Solin

Last modified: 2022-01-11