End of Law

Tormod Otter Johansen, Dr. Public Law, Gothenburg university will present ongoing work conducted in collaboration with colleagues in Law and Theology at at Lund university within the interdisciplinary project – "End of law", (2020-2024). The group is led by Mårten Björk, Lund University and funded by the Swedish Research Council, VR.

The research project will conduct an interdisciplinary study of the secularisation of the Christian eschatological idea of an end to law. The development of modern thought shows that the idea that law could end has not only been central to important strands of Christian theology. This apocalyptic view of law as something finite has also become secularized in modern political visions, such as anarchist, conservative, Marxist, and neoliberal thought, through the hope for an end or radical limitation of law.Yet, the question of the end of law is a curious blind spot in legal and theological thought; a sort of taboo functioning as a repressed other to jurisprudence and religion. By inquiring into the secularization of the end of law, our project probes the historical development of the idea of the end of law and what it implies.