Sources of Life in Times of Crisis – Theological and Religious Practices Toward a New Normality

Welcome to the third conference of the Nordic Network on Practice and Theology, to be held at Uppsala University, 1-3 December 2021!

Venue: We gather in The Humanities Theatre, English Park Campus, Thunbergsvägen 3 C, Uppsala, Sweden. The conference will take place on campus, although specific sessions may be virtual. It will however not be possible to take part in the whole conference virtually.

Please observe: If new waves of the pandemic should hinder us to gather on campus, or new restrictions should hinder travelling to Sweden, the conference will be cancelled and registration fees repaid.

Conference language: English

Registration and payment:
Registration and instructions for payment through the special link. Registration by 24 November at the latest.
Early-bird fee before 1 November: 1700 SEK (PhD-students 1400 SEK), including one lunch and two dinners.
Fee after 1 November: 2000 SEK (PhD-students 1700 SEK).

Contact person for administrative issues: PhD-student Emma Sundström, (

Conference theme

This is the third conference of the Nordic Network on Practice and Theology, preceded by one in Aarhus 2016 and one in Oslo 2018. The conference was originally planned to take place in Uppsala December 2020, but had to be postponed due to the pandemic. The planned 2020 theme related to perceptions of imminent apocalypse. Now we are glad to be able to invite to a physical meeting in Uppsala, with a slightly revised theme.

Experiences of crisis will be the obvious context for the conference. We still live in a time of many uncertainties. Large parts of the world lack vaccine and resources for health care are under heavy pressure. Meanwhile new threats towards peace and democracy develop and world leaders seem still to be at a loss with regard to meeting the imminent crises of climate change and mass extinction of animals. The situation raises anxiety, but also creativity, among individuals as well as among religious actors. This gives rise to important research questions relating to theological practices:

Towards what kind of new “normality” of human life are we heading? How do theological and religious actors respond to threats constituted by present crises? Where do we as scholars see sources of life spring up? Where do we hear prophetic voices? What can we learn from studies of previous experiences in history?

We invite scholars from practical theology, and other disciplines interested in practice and theology, to join us for the full conference. We address Nordic participants in particular, but welcome colleagues from other countries as well.

The conference will consist of lectures, paper presentations, group conversations and panels - and of course nice encounters with colleagues over a cup of coffee or a meal.

We hope to be able to present a snapshot of ongoing research in the field of practice and theology by encouraging new doctors in the field to give short presentations in a special ”theses marathon”. Please encourage new doctors you know of to join!

Organizers and local planning committee

The conference is held by the Nordic Network of Practice and Theology, currently led by:

- Ulla Schmidt, Professor of Practical Theology, University of Arhus, Denmark (chair)
- Kati Tervo-Niemelä, Professor of Practical Theology, University of Eastern Finland
- Elisabeth Tveito Johnsen, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, University of Oslo, Norway
- Ninna Edgardh, Professor of Ecclesiology, University of Uppsala, Sweden

The planning committee in Uppsala consists of:
Ninna Edgardh,,
Katarina Westerlund,,
and Emma Sundström,

Call for papers

The conference will focus on religious and theological practices developed in response to various types of crisis, past or present. We particularly welcome papers reflecting on theoretical and methodological issues raised in trying to study such practices.

How can we approach new types of practices and religious settings as academic theologians and scholars of religious studies? How do we approach believers and non-believers of various kinds? How can we study practices of religious and social communities, of children and young people, of religious majorities and religious minorities?

We hope for a majority of papers to address this type of questions.

The paper sessions will take place on campus.

Ph.D. students are welcome to present their ongoing research even if the subject falls outside the conference theme.

In addition to traditional papers we arrange a special ”theses-marathon”, where new doctors (2018-2021) in practical theology and neighboring fields are invited to present their theses, either in person or in virtual form, via Zoom or video.

Submission of paper abstracts and abstracts for presentation of a doctoral thesis (maximum 200 words) should be sent to by 1 November.


Program for day 1: Wednesday
Program for day 2: Thursday
Program for day 3: Friday

Full Program in printable PDF

Program for paper sessions

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