Biblical Studies on the Edge: Historical Studies and Critical Theories. What Can We Learn from Each Other?

  • Date: –14:30
  • Location: Engelska parken 1:0062
  • Lecturer: Valérie Nicolet, Senior Lecturer and Dean, Institut Protestant de Théologie, Paris
  • Organiser: Teologiska Institutionen
  • Contact person: Mikael Larsson
  • Docentföreläsning

The last fifty years of biblical scholarship have traditionnally pitted historical studies and critical approaches (such as feminist, queer, postcolonial perspectives) against each other, for example by using the appellations "mainstream approaches" vs "marginal approaches". In this lecture, Dr Nicolet proposes to revisit this dichotomy, and to show that critical approaches might well be heir to older, so-called traditional approaches in biblical studies. She will argue, with others, that including so-called marginal approaches to our reading of the Bible is not only an ethical demand, but fosters higher-quality biblical scholarship.

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