Learning experience

The program is primarily built around distance-learning, mediated by the internet. That has several advantages in allowing participation by students in diverse locations with non-overlapping time schedules. It means that our program can span national and cultural boundaries.
One disadvantage is that web-based communications can feel a bit unreal, as if one's interlocutors are not human beings. To enable face-to-face communication (of a sort), we will sometimes make use of teleconferencing.

A more important way in which we counterbalance the drawbacks of web-based interaction is by gathering once a year to meet and discuss in person. We have an intensiv week of campus seminars and lectures in Uppsala. This is an opportunity of intellectual effervescence as well as a chance to share meals with and get to know the other students and teachers. The campus weeks are located in Uppsala and take place at the end of September/beginning of October.

This is a full-time programme and this means around 30-40 hours of study/week. The teaching consists mostly of online seminars. Most courses has weekly assignments with deadlines and then presented and discussed in seminars with your fellow students. You get graded on your assignments and your participation in the seminars.
Real-time teaching occur in the thesis courses in form of defense seminar and on-line meeting with your supervisor 
Courses are studied and examined one at a time. It is not possible to study this programme part-time. We use a learning platform for the teaching.

This is a distance learning programme. The Swedish Migration Agency will not grant you with a Swedish residence permit to attend this programme.

Courses within the programme

Admitted (International students)