Master programme in Religion in Peace and Conflict

A International distance learning Master programme.

For many people, the programme name, "Religion in Peace and Conflict," brings to mind images of suicide bombers and other dramatic and violent militancy. Our programme is certainly interested in such matters, but they form only a small part of our subject matter. We study a wide range of religiously and ethically grounded engagement.

This is a masters programme for such individuals, whose biographical trajectories have brought them to care deeply about some piece of our world and the moral predicaments therein. 
A number of the students may be young persons who have not yet found a calling, but who know that they want to do something that will make a difference in the lives of others; the programme will introduce them to varied forms of engagement and ways of thinking, as well as to individuals and organizations with whom they might later work. 
Other students may be mid-career professionals from NGOs, religious organisations, schools, popular movements and government agencies, who want to add fresh intellectual nourishment to their daily work. Some mature students will have completed their salaried commitments and now have time to engage in ethical reflection and volunteer work.

This program aims to help all students develop as potential public intellectuals – persons who have reflected deeply about their own engagement and who are thereby able to champion their ideas in writing and speaking. There is power in understanding the histories in which one partakes, the theories and methods of social engagement, and the arts of persuasion. Such knowledge may give one the power to change other people’s lives and perhaps one’s own.