Seminars and conferences

Forum for Jewish Studies (FJS) regularly organizes seminars, lectures and workshops with both Swedish and international scholars. International speakers usually participate at our seminars as part of our collaborations with Paideia - The European Institute for Jewish Studies. FJS usually organizes between six and eight seminars / lectures per semester. In addition, an annual workshop is arranged for doctoral students at Swedish universities in the field of Jewish studies. We offer the possibility to present texts and applications for funds within FJS's area of ​​activity at FJS 'seminars. The seminars are often organized  together with other departments within Uppsala University and are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays (which is most common) or Thursdays 15.15–17.00 or (less commonly) 13.15-15.00.

Forum for Jewish Studies also organizes conferences. To date two major international conferences have been held: “Deutschsprachige jüdische Emigration nach Schweden,” together with Moses Mendelsohn Zentrum in Potsdam, and “Children of Abraham: Jewish and Islamic Studies in an Academic Setting” (2019). In addition, FJS regularly participates as a co-organizer of conferences organized by other  institutions at Uppsala University and different collaboration partners.

The relationship between Salomon Maimon's Lebensgeschichte and his transcendental philosophy

Datum: Torsdag 12 januari
Tid: 15.15-17.00.
Plats Zoom och Eng 16 0054

Ph d candidate Nicholas Lawrence, Södertörns högskola. Samarrangemang med Filosofiska institutionen.

Presentation av ett forskningsprojekt om antisemitismundervisning och ett läroboksprojekt om Förintelsen

Datum: Tisdag 17 januari
Tid 15.15-17.00
Plats ”Tuppenrummet”, Blåsenhus

Universitetslektor Lars M Andersson, Uppsala Universitet och docent Izabela Dahl, Örebro universitet. Samarrangemang med EDU.

Renhetsregler, praktik och hygien i tidig judendom

Datum: Onsdag 31 januari
Tid: 14.15-17.00
Plats: Engelska parken, 6-0022

Professor Cecilia Wassen, Uppsala universitet.  
Arrangemang: AGORA

The City, its Jews and their Diamonds. The role of Jewish merchants, workers and trade union organisers in the Amsterdam diamond trade, 1600-1940

Datum: Onsdag 8 februari
Tid: 15.15-17.00
Plats: Enbart via Zoom

Professor, Karin Hofmeester, Amsterdam. Samarrangemang med Historiska institutionen

My Family's Murder: What Fiction Can Tell Us that History Cannot

Datum: 22 februari
Tid: 14.15–16.00
Plats: Universitetshuset Sal VIII

Professor Omer Bartov, John P. Birkelund Distinguished Professor of European History and Professor of German Studies at Brown University:
"My Family's Murder: What Fiction Can Tell Us that History Cannot"
Professor Bartov's talk is based on his novel The Butterfly and the Axe (2023)

Arrangemang av Forum för judiska studier och Hugo Valentin-centrum

Jews and Health – Historical Facts, Opinions, Beliefs and Prejudices

Datum: Måndag 13 mars
Tid: 15.15–17.30
Plats: Eng 16-0054

Professor and director emeritus Robert Jütte, University of Stuttgart.

Almost no other religion pays so much attention to physical health as Judaism. Discussion about the health advantages of being a Jew which started well before the 19th century contradicts the anti-Semitic equation of sickness and Judaism, both literally and figuratively. Jewish doctors and rabbis participated in this discussion, but so did non-Jews who realized that Jewish preventive health measures not only confirmed new scientific information but also had a certain exemplary character. This meant reducing Mosaic law to practices relevant to daily life that could be scientifically interpreted and justified. A larger goal was also reached in the process: liberating Judaism from the interpretive monopoly of the rabbinate and thereby modernizing it. In this context, the Biblical and Talmudic laws came to be viewed as the archetype of a healthy living.

Robert Jütte is Director Emeritus of the Institute for the History of Medicine of the Robert Bosch Foundation and Adjunct Professor of History at the University of Stuttgart. He was visiting professor at the universities of Innsbruck and Zurich. He received the “Doctor of Hebrew Letters” honoris causa in 2018 from Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago, and in 2020 the Otto-Hirsch-Medal of the City of Stuttgart for his contribution on Christian-Jewish understanding. He is a social and medical historian and the author or editor of over 35 books, some translated into English, among them a history of the senses. His most recent publication is a book on the history of the Jewish body, published by Penn UP in 2020. He is co-editor of the Jewish history journal Aschkenas and member of the Scientific Board of the German Medical Association.

Samarrangemang med Centrum för medicinsk humaniora

Vi, de fördrivna

Datum: Onsdag  29 mars
Tid: 15.15–17.00.
Plats: Eng 16-0054

Doktorand Martin Englund, Södertörns högskola,  presenterar sitt avhandlingsprojekt ”Vi, de fördrivna” och ventilerar ett avhandlingsavsnitt om erfarenheten av den polska antisemitismen. Vi, de fördrivna handlar om historiska erfarenheter hos de polskjudiska flyktingar som kom till Sverige 1967-1972 på grund av den antisemitiska kampanjen.

Fostran till radikalism. Chabad och barnen

Datum: Onsdag 19 april
Tid: 15.15–17.00.
Plats: Zoom

Doktorand Hannes Sonnenschein, Institutionen för idé och samhällsstudier, Umeå Universitet.

Boksläpp med mingel tillsammans med Hillelförlaget

Datum: Onsdag 3 maj (preliminärt datum).

Boksläpp med mingel tillsammans med Hillelförlaget, med föredrag med två av förlagets författare, Joakim Hansson, som talar om boken De ordnade böckernas folk: om klassifikation i judiska bibliografier och bibliotek och Arne Järtelius, som berättar om sin Malmöjudiskt: 1972–2021.

Jewish Couriers: The Forgotten Heroes of the Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust

Datum: Mars-april
Tid: Meddelas senare.
Plats: Meddelas senare.

Dr. Sylwia Szymańska-Smolkin, Institutionen för historia och samtidshistoria, Södertörns högskola

Hur skriver man överlevandebiografier/biografier över sina föräldrar/mor/farföräldrar/släkt

Datum: Måndag 15 maj
(Tid och plats meddelas senare)

Tillställning tillsammans med Sveriges museum om Förintelsen, SMF och J! Judisk kultur och Föreningen Förintelsens överlevande med anledning av att Mordechay Gilohs bok om Doverstorp kommit ut. Presentation av Mordechays bok, följd av ett panelsamtal på temat ”Hur skriver man överlevandebiografier/biografier över sina föräldrar/mor/farföräldrar/släkt”.

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