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About Uppsala Jewish Studies
Forum for Jewish Studies publishes the series Uppsala Jewish Studies, UJS, which is part of Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis (AUU)

UJS publishes mainly new Swedish research in the field of Jewish studies in a broad sense. The series publishes both monographs and anthologies as well as lecture series, conference papers, and primary sources.

The two directors for FJS, Lars M Andersson and Cecilia Wassén, serve as the general editors for the series. The editorial board for the series is made up of the faculty representatives on FJS's general board as well as a few scholars in the field of Jewish studies from different Swedish and international universities. The members of the editorial board take turn having the responsibility for the individual volumes. At times, we also invite guest editors. The submitted papers are peer reviewed anonymously by two independent scholars. The publications are published in paperback editions as well as digitally.

Uppsala Jewish Studies is primarily geared towards scholars, academics, and students in the field of Jewish studies in a broad sense, but also towards the public. The editors welcome proposals for publication in Jewish Studies broadly.

By submitting material to the editors, the author guarantees that the text has not previously been published elsewhere, neither in full nor in significant parts, in Swedish or in any other language. In addition, the author thereby guarantees that the material has not been offered, nor will be offered, for publication elsewhere, before the editors make a final decision on publication in Uppsala Jewish Studies.

Manuscripts may be written in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English, German and French. In order to be considered for publication, the manuscript must follow the style guide for Uppsala Jewish Studies and be well written stylistically and grammatically. The guidelines are based on the style guide for Historisk tidskrift (Journal of History; see here), which is supplemented with rules for transliterations of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, ​​(pp 56-60 in SBL Handbook of Style, 2nd ed. Atlanta, GA: SBL Press, 2014) (found here) and a template from the Acta serie (the template is downloaded here).

Upcoming publications
In 2021 UJS will publish a monograph on Zamenhof's Yiddish grammar and an anthology about Swedish anti-Semitism from the Middle Ages to the present. In addition, two works will be published by Faethon publishing house in cooperation with FJS: an annotated translation by Theodor Herzls Altneuland and an expanded Swedish translation of the anthology Deutschsprachige jüdische Emigration nach Scweden, 1774 bis 1945.

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