Department of Theology

Searching for new knowledge about religion

Our department charaterized by a rich research enviroment which focused on increasing knowledge and understanding of religions and world views, in both near community and in a global context.


Breadth, depth and diversity are three concepts which illustrate well the research undertaken at the department. Here research is carried out concerning, amongst other issues, classic theological and ecclesiological questions, assimilation processes amongst Swedish immigrants, biblical interpretation and fiction, the meeting between science and religion, ritual and mental health in a secularized Sweden, theological and philosophical aspects of animal rights ethics and religion and welfare. These examples also show the relevance of research to society at large and its importance for a deeper understanding of historical and contemporary occurrences and phenomena.

Research Disciplines

  • Ethics (only in Swedish)

  • Old Testament Exegesis

  • Church History (under construction)

  • Ecclesiology (only in Swedish)

  • World Christianity and Interreligious Studies

  • New Testament Exegesis (under construction)

  • Philosophy of Religion (under construction)

  • History of Religions (under construction)

  • Psychology of Religion (under construction)

  • Sociology of Religion (under construction)

  • Systematic Theology and Studies in World View (under construction)