Forskning på Teologen

Mekanismer bakom hatbrott och rasism

Professor i religionshistorik Mattias Gardell berättar om sin forskning på Uppsala universitets forskarpodd.

Har Jesus funnits?

Docent Cecilia Wassen håller föreläsning om ämnet.

Lutheran Theology and Ethics - in a post Christian Society

A Research Project at the Department of Theology, Uppsala University

This research project seeks to clarify and critically analyse the content of several central ideas in Lutheran theology and ethics. One aim is to analyse some important theological and ethical positions which can be found in Martin Luther’s own thought. To these belong his particular understanding of sin, justification, grace, morality and vocation. One other aim is to analyse how these ideas have been further developed in later Lutheran tradition. Lutheran tradition is by no means uniform, but contains a variety of different interpretations. The intention is to clarify some varying approaches which can be met in Lutheran tradition. A third aim is to critically assess different positions in Lutheran tradition and to constructively tackle the question as to what a fruitful formation of Lutheran theology and ethics could look like in today’s post Christian and multicultural society. Is it possible to formulate a Lutheran theology and ethics which appears reasonable today?
The critical analysis of Lutheran theology and ethics therefore rests on an analysis of contemporary northern European culture. This appears from the beginning as post-Christian, which involves the considerable weakening of the role of Christianity. Furthermore contemporary society is late-modern, which means that set worldviews and religious thought systems are questioned.
Finally today’s society is multicultural, which means that Christian theology can be found in dialogue with a large number of different religious and non-religious traditions. This cultural diversity raises new challenges for a Lutheran theology and ethics which makes claims to adequacy.

A New Approach in Swedish Luther Research

A considerable amount of Luther research has been undertaken within Swedish theology up to the present day. It has primarily had a focus based in the history of ideas, but the aim has often been to try to reach insights as to how a credible theology can be worked out today through a study of Luther’s theology. Swedish research into Lutheran tradition has seldom aimed to critically evaluate understandings held within this tradition. In this way idea historical studies have come to serve normative ends.
This project involves a new start in Swedish Luther research since a strict distinction is made between the sketching of a history of theology and constructive theological tasks. In order to clarify central themes in the Lutheran tradition studies are carried out which have a clear starting point in the history of ideas. This is distinct from the project’s critical and constructive task. This is carried out without any religious or confessional starting point being taken for granted.