Researching Ecclesial Bodies

Symposium on the Challenges of Particularity and Coherence in Ecclesiology.

Researching Ecclesial Bodies was the title of a symposium held at Uppsala University October 26-27 2015, with 45 participants from the Nordic countries and beyond. The symposium was hosted by the discipline of Ecclesiology at the Faculty of Theology and arranged in collaboration with the Peter Fjellstedt Foundation in Uppsala on the occasion of the launching of the book Ecclesiology in the Trenches. Theory and Method under Construction (eds. Sune Fahlgren & Jonas Ideström, Pickwick Publications: Eugene, Oregon, USA, 2015). The book is a collection of essays by researchers who have earned their doctorates in Ecclesiology and mirrors the theoretical and methodological discussion of the discipline since the mid-1990s (book review). On this site you find the program for the symposium and manuscripts for some of the major lectures and responses, including two revised lectures published in the International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church. You may also find a review of the book published in this journal.


Ecclesiology may be described as the academic study of the self-understanding of Christian churches, as expressed in teaching and practice. From diverse perspectives ecclesiological studies elucidates various formations and practical expressions of the Christian church. More information.


Research school, introduction on the book Ecclesiology in the Trenches by the editors, TD Jonas Ideström and Ass. Professor Sune Fahlgren.

Entertainment by Bahtale Roma, performing Roma music and dance.


Ninna Edgardh
Professor Ninna Edgardh, Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre, Faculty of Theology, Uppsala

Gerard Mannion
Professor Gerard Mannion, Amaturo Chair in Catholic Studies, Georgetown University, Washington DC
Clare Watkins
Dr Clare Watkins, Lecturer in Ministerial Theology, University of Roehampton, London
Sven-Erik Brodd
Sven-Erik Brodd, senior professor at Department of Theology, Church and Mission studies; Ecclesiology