Accommodation for students at the Department of Theology

If you searching for a student accommodation you will find there are several options available. One way to find a home in Uppsala is to contact one of the Student Nations. They have a diverse number of dorm rooms (student rooms) and as a member you can sign up to the waiting list. Another way is to join the waiting list at the Studentstaden, Uppsala's largest provider of student housing. You can also visit the Student Union (Studentkåren) Studentboet web site that provides information on available student accommodation in Uppsala.


The foundation Ansgarsgården is an ecclesiastical students housing and consists of two buildings at Studentvägen, within walking distance to town center. The home are primarily for students, who is expected to enjoy and participate of service and community at Sankt Ansgars kyrka (S:t Ansgars church).

Most of Ansgarsgården 120 tenants are living in three-or four-room corridors where you share a shower room, toilet and kitchen. Rooms are rent unfurnished.


The foundation Norrbyska studenthemmet (student housing) is often called Norrbyhus and is located at St Johannesgatan 16 in central Uppsala. They offer a corridor accommodations for theology students who has the intention of becoming a priest in Svenska kyrkan.

Norrbyhus has 24 student rooms and common areas such as libraries and living room. Those students who study at Teologen can join a separate waiting list. The rooms are for rent with a basic furnishing.