PhD Studies

 PhD Studies at Department of Theology

At the Faculty of Theology in Uppsala you will be given the opportunity for an exciting and stimulating time as a PhD student. Breadth, depth and diversity are three concepts which illustrate well the research undertaken at the faculty. Here, you will become a part of a dynamic environment with first class research.

Research at the faculty is undertaken in an academic environment within eleven research disciplines. Each discipline holds regular seminars as well as seminars in conjunction with other research disciplines both within and outside the department. All seminars are open to doctoral students. With this breadth of disciplines and competence and rich array of seminars the department offers a stimulating research environment.

We focus our research on amongst other issues, classic theological and ecclesiological questions, interreligious relations, assimilation processes amongst immigrants, biblical interpretation and postcolonial studies, the meeting between science and religion, ritual and mental health in a secularized Sweden, and religion and media.

These examples also show the relevance of research to society at large and its importance for a deeper understanding of historical and contemporary occurrences and phenomena.

As a Doctor of Theology (PhD) you will have an academic title with a very high qualification value.  

We look forward to welcoming you as a PhD student at the Faculty of Theology!